Maxshine Red Hex Grip Car Wax Foam Applicator
Maxshine Red Hex Grip Car Wax Foam Applicator
Model: 9011017

Product Introduction


Durable and Reusable: These wax applicator pads can be rewashed for multiple uses

Soft and Absorbent: Wax applicator pad is made with high density foam for ultimate softness, absorbency, and longevity.

No Scratches: These premium wax applicator pads are inside stitched twice to ensure that the edges never touch the surface of your paint while eliminating surface scratches and improving the application of product.

Packaging included: 1pcs/pack

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Package includes Color
9011017 4.13×2.36 inches 1PCS Car Waxing Applicator Black+Red Foam Sponge
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