Maxshine Snow Master Foam Cannon
Maxshine Snow Master Foam Cannon
Model: SMFC002

Product Introduction


  • Adjustable Spray Pattern with 360-degree Adjustment
  • Suitable for a wide range of Pressure Washer Units on the Market, comes with a adjustable 1/4″ Quick Disconnect Adapter.
  • 35-ounce canister with wide mouth opening
  • Casting integrated copper parts construction,sealing strong.The pressure is not easy to leak, and the foam is heavy and smooth.
  • Easy fill wide mouth opening. Empty, foam cannon can stand firmly without falling.
  • The mouth of the bottle is made of fingerprint thread, which is anti-skid and wear-resistant, and comfortable to hold.





Inlet: 1/4”F
Minimum Pressure: 870 PSI
Minimum Flow: 1.3 GPM
Maximum Temperature: 140°F
Nozzle Diameter: 1-1/4”
Maximum Pressure: 3,190 PSI
Maximum Flow: 5.3GPM

1. Fill fluid bottle with desired amount of cleansers.
2. Fill the fluid bottle with water (for best results, use warm water, 20% cleansers +80% water is suggested). Only use with fresh or deionized water.
3. Shake the fluid bottle to mix the cleansers with water thoroughly.
4. Attach fluid bottle to foam lance unit.
5. Attach the fitting/adapter to the pressure washer gun, and enjoy.

Car, Motorcycle, Floors, Windows, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing etc. Ideal for Professional and enthusiast alike.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Weight Inlet Minimum Pressure Minimum Flow Maximum Temperature Nozzle Diameter Maximum Pressure Maximum Flow Orifice Size
35oz(1000ml) 0.63kg 1/4”F 870 PSI 1.3 GPM 140°F 1-1/4” 3,190 PSI 5.3GPM 1.25mm
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