Maxshine 34oz IK Trigger Sprayer Holder
Maxshine 34oz IK Trigger Sprayer Holder

Product Introduction


  • Compatible with IK Sprayers
  • Holds 4 Large 34ozBottles
  • Constructed to hold bottles without straining their atomizers.
  • Also fits many polishing pastes.
  • The latest upgrade: Add 3 holes at the bottom for hanging compound or sprayer cannon.




Keep your foam cannons secure and organized! MaxShine’s 34oz Spray Bottle and Compound Holder allows users to place bottles and product on walls, vans, and anywhere your detailing business is conducted.

Calling all detailers! Mobile detailers, detail shop owners, home enthusiasts, whichever you are, you must keep it organized! You can’t perform a proper and efficient car detail service without the tools to keep your gear organized. Have a mobile car detail rig? Wall mounted storage is compatible in a van as well as a garage. Do auto detailing right with MaxShine’s famous Organizational Tools.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Length Width Height Big Hole Small Hole
H03EH 54cm 13.5cm 20cm Dia 11cm Dia 28mm
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