Detailing Apron
Detailing Apron
Model: 7011001

Product Introduction

This large, comfortable microfiber apron keeps your clothes clean while you work, and the microfiber is soft against your vehicle.

Unlike similar detailing aprons, the Maxshine Detailing Apron is made of thick plush microfiber with waterproof on back. The apron protects your clothes from buffer sling and catches drips splatter.

The plush microfiber is as strong as it is absorbent.

The Maxshine Detailing Apron features three deep pockets for larger bottles and two medium pockets for bottles, reusable, durable and washable.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color
7011001 Black with Red PE Border
Normal Size 330GSM microfiber with Water Proof Cloth
Contact Via Mob
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