Maxshine Motorcycle Stand Wheel Roller
Maxshine Motorcycle Stand Wheel Roller
Model : WS02

Product Introduction

Make your motorcycle detailing and maintenance faster and easier
Easy access for chain cleaning and lubrication, tire inspection, and wheel maintenance
Sturdy construction and non-skid backing keep your bike safe and secure
Perfect for on-the-go detailing with its compact and lightweight design
Simple to use, just roll onto wheel stand and engage bike stand



Experience the ultimate convenience in motorcycle maintenance with our Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Stand. Designed for solo operation, it makes chain cleaning, tire inspection, and wheel maintenance a breeze, ensuring your bike’s safety with its sturdy construction and non-skid backing. This compact and lightweight stand is perfect for on-the-go detailing, and its user-friendly design lets you roll your bike onto it with ease. Upgrade your bike maintenance routine and enjoy faster, safer, and more efficient results.



Step1: Place motorcycles stand in front of wheel and roll your bike onto wheel roller stand.
Step 2: Rotate and clean the chain or wheel.
Step 3: Roll bike forward to remove it from motorcycle stand.


Does not operate smoothly with Adventure motorcycles or motorcycles with off-road tires. Additional effort is needed when rotating tires with larger treads.
Always rotate the wheel sitting on the floor from the rear of motorcycle and use pull force to cause rotation. Avoid sitting on the side of the wheel.
Keep a wooden block or other rigid support below your side stand if the Motorcycle is tilted more than usual while resting on Motorcycle Stand Wheel Roller.
Do not use engine power to rotate the wheel. Always rotate the wheel while keeping the gear in neutral and use hand power for rotation.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Material Color Maximum Motorcycle Weight
WS02 Stainless Steel Black and Stainless Steel 600lbs
  Dimension and Weight:20×16.85×4.55cm,1.48kg
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