MaxShine Car Mat Clamp–Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
MaxShine Car Mat Clamp–Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

Product Introduction


FASTER AND EASIER CLEANING: Increase maneuverability and lessen fatigue by hanging up mats
VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Easily mount clamps to walls and other flat surfaces
SECURE ANY SIZE MAT: Hold even the heaviest mats in place with the robust spring-loaded technology
SAFE AND SOLID GRIP: Molded plastic grip provides a strong hold without damaging the mat
DURABLE DESIGN: Longevity is guaranteed with the heavy duty, rust-free stainless steel construction




Cleaning mats the old-fashioned way can be exhausting and time-consuming. MaxShine’s innovative Car Mat Clamp is designed to simplify and enhance the entire cleaning process. It allows you to hang up your mats, making cleaning faster, easier, and less physically demanding. With versatile mounting options, including easy attachment to walls and flat surfaces, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. What truly sets our clamp apart is its state-of-the-art spring-loaded technology and molded plastic grip, ensuring a secure hold without any risk of damage. Crafted from heavy-duty, rust-free stainless steel, this clamp is built to last and is sure to impress.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Material Mounting Type
H15 Stainless Steel Hanging, Wall Mount
  Dimensions and Weight: 11.81in (L) x 1.93in (W) x 2.52in (H), 0.92lbs
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