Maxshine Detailing Brush Hanger
Maxshine Detailing Brush Hanger
Model: H06B

Product Introduction


The ALL-NEW Maxshine Detailing Brush Holder is the next innovative solution in our line of Storage Solutions. Featuring 6 Hooks attached at the base, this Brush Holder is capable of holding an entire fleet of brushes to keep your detailing accessories close and easily accessible! Works great with Brushes, Telescopic Poles, Rakes, Leaf Skimmers, Vacuum Hoses, etc. Keeping your brushes hung assists in the prevention of damaged bristles and contamination, keeping them in working shape and saving you money on replacements!


  • Sturdy Iron Construction
  • 6 Durable, Extended Hooks
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Screws Included


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Length Width Hook mounts Hook length Hook width Hook spacing Color Weight
H06B 50cm 4cm 6 hooks 5cm 7mm 9.2cm Black 0.25kg
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