Compound Polish Wax Dispenser Bottle with Cap – 250ml
Compound Polish Wax Dispenser Bottle with Cap – 250ml
Model : RTS002

Product Introduction


Precise Application: Control the exact flow and direction of your car wax or compound for perfect results.
Reduced Waste: Eliminate wasted product and clogged caps with the easy-to-squeeze dispenser.
Durable Design: The impact-resistant HDPE plastic protects your bottle from accidental drops and chemical corrosion.
Multi-Purpose: This versatile bottle is suitable for storing and dispensing a wide range of car care products.
Freshness Maintained: The attached cap keeps your product from drying out and ensures a mess-free application.



Never waste another drop of car wax or compound again! This 250ml translucent, squeezable bottle is perfect for dispensing a controlled flow of wax, polish, or compound directly to your applicator pad. The attached cap keeps product fresh and reduces mess, while the chemical-resistant and impact-resistant plastic ensures the bottle can handle even clumsy drops.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Capacity Material Color
RTS002 250 ml HDPE Plastic Translucent


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