Maxshine Interior bristles Detailing Brush
Maxshine Interior bristles Detailing Brush
Model: 7012002

Product Introduction


Beautiful wood construction

Gentle bristles


Suited for leather, fabric, vinyl, plastics & more

Ergonomically shaped


Constructed of beautifully finished wood, Maxshine Interior bristles Detailing Brush

exude quality without compromising their excellent cleaning ability. Gentle bristles is non-marring, but provides just enough structure to ensure that adequate agitation is performed for complete cleaning. Bristles is uniquely suited to leather, fabrics, vinyl, plastics and any other delicate surfaces in need of cleaning. Maxshine ensured that these brushes were ergonomically shaped and comfortable for extended usage.

Strong Point:

Leather Cleaning Brush is made of durable synthetic bristles specially designed to clean soiling on pigmented leathers. It is a great tool to clean and remove stubborn stains on leather car seats, furniture leather, leather garments and handbags effectively and effortlessly. It can also be used to clean CAR and other Textile materials as long as used gently.

Technical Specifications

Size Material
9.5*3.2*1.8CM 100% Bristles+ Beech handle
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