Wool Wash Mitt&Pad

Lambswool Wash Mitt


Technical Data:

Art.N°                                                                8011004
Color                                                                     Brown
Size                                                                    30*25cm
100% Genuine Sheepskin Wool

Unique Features

Made from the  super-soft wool with natural hide backing as most sheepskin mitts it consists of a very dense soft pile, making it an ideal wash mitt. Sheepskin wash mitts make the perfect choice for washing your vehicle. this wash mitt will not  scratch paint. The SHINEMASTER Sheepskin Wash Mitt is easy to remove the surface pulling dirt and grime deep into the pile and away from paint.The thumb design gives out mitt a better fit and allows you to get into cracks and crevices with ease. Do not machine wash, always just rinse in cool water and allow to air dry naturally.