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Quality Assurance of Maxshine polisher



This warranty applies only to the polishing machine series produced by Anhui Maxshine Auto Products Co., Ltd.

Maxshine Auto Products Co.,Ltd reserves the right of final interpretation.

1.Your Maxshine polisher has a one-year free warranty from the date of purchase based on warranty card and serial number to ensure that any defects in production are dealt with.

2.The warranty is only available to defects in materials and design. The situation below are not included :

3.Overload, or improper use of normal components

4.Failed to provide a valid warranty certificate or the serial number is not recognized

5.Damage, misuse, unauthorized repair or modification due to accident

6. Maintenance which is not authorized by Maxshine caused sand or water entering

7.The owner of the polisher bears all mailing and shipping costs for maintenance.

8.The warranty service card is non-transferable and will not be reissued after it is lost.

9.In order to protect your legal rights, please fill out the product warranty registration form. We will not use your registration information for other purposes, this information is only for warranty service, marketing, and technical support. When it comes to solve equipment problems, deliver new product information or provide technical support, Maxshine may contact you directly or through authorized distributors. At the same time, you will have the chance to get our marketing promotions, prize gifts, or extensions and other reward activities.

10.This warranty applies only to individual consumers for daily life and not suitable for the business use.

If you have any questions, please call +0086 553 4996 266 for technical support.