High Pro DA Foam Pads

Aio Foam Pad

Aio Foam Pad

Technical Data:

2091130O5.2-5.7 x 1 inchesOrange Foam + Blck Velcro
2091150O6-6.5 x 1 inches

Use our foam pads with Maxshine other line

products, polishing effect  will be better!

Unique Features

Aio Foam Pad

5” & 6”

Maxshine Aio Foam pad is suited forone-step corrections, applying waxes and sealants. This foam wash chosen forits perfect balance of cutting and polishing which will produce outstandingresults on most all current vehicle finishes.

-Washable & Reusable

-High quality hook & loop backingmaterial

-Get great results when paired withMaxshine Polishes