Detailing Brush

Car Wheel and Carpet Brush


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Unique Features

Material: PP handle and PP bristles.

The Maxshine wheelbrush is the perfect tool for cleaning sensitive wheels and painted surfaces.The brush head is 360° fully covered by bristles, the contact surface islarger, which reduces the partial wear and prolongs the service life of thebrush. The durable handle and stiff synthetic bristles are perfect for removingtough stains and debris. Heavy duty non-slip handle for the perfect grip, easyto use. Suitable for all kinds of vehicle wheel tire, equipment cleaning andmaintenance.

lLong-handled tire brush that is designed toremove dirt, grime and previous tire dressings from intricate siping andside-wall design of modern tires.

l360° brush head, higher cleaningefficiency.

lPlastic handle for secure grip with aconvenient hole for hanging storage.

lThis is a all purpose brush, perfect forcleaning tires and carpet on any sized vehicle, also suit for home, office,dorm room, and anywhere dirty carpet needs to be cleaned.

l Backed by 100% guarantee that you arefully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.