DA Backing Pad

DA Backing Pad


Technical Data:

Art.N°                                3012075 / 3012125 / 3012150
Disc Size                          75mm, 3"/125mm,5"/150mm,6"
Max OPM                                                                12000
Thread                                                               5/16" -24
Hole                                                                                 8
Color                                                                        Yellow
Used for shinemaster long-throw random orbital polisher

Unique Features

Flexible and durable in design, the shinemaster dual action polisher backing plate is made from high quality materials to ensure the user an even a comfortable feel whilst polishing. With a thick cushioning foam interface, the shinemaster dual action backing plate will ensure safety and consistent polishing results time after time. With built in cooling passages and holes, the backing plate will keep pads and machines cooler for longer. The hook and loop backing material grips to all pad types tightly ensuring pads stay central and balanced. The circular backing plate is suited for to the shinemaster dual action polishing machines.